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Overview of Radiation Protection

Radiation level as at 4 PM, datereport() is 0.07 micro-sievert per hour. 

Status: NORMAL

Radiation is present in many aspects of our everyday lives, from radioactive materials used in industrial processes to medical and communication devices.

The Radiation Protection & Nuclear Science Department (RPNSD) is the national authority for radiation protection in Singapore. It administers and enforces the Radiation Protection Act and Regulations through a system of licensing, notification, authorisation, inspection, and enforcement.


Initially, in 1972, the Radiation Protection Inspectorate (RPI) was formed as a unit under the Department of Scientific Services. In 1976, with assistance from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), RPI started the use of Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) as a monitoring device for radiation dose, in addition to the film badge monitoring service being offered. RPI then set up an IAEA/WHO Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL), equipped with a constant potential X-ray machine. The SSDL continues to serve as a national calibration laboratory for radiation protection and environmental monitoring since 1988.
In 1989, RPI was designated as the Singapore Contact Point for the following two IAEA Conventions: Convention on Early Notification of Nuclear Accident; and Convention on Assistance in the Case of Nuclear Accident.

The Inspectorate then became one of the eight centres under the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in 2001 and was renamed as the Centre for Radiation Protection (CRP). To consolidate the expertise on radiation protection and nuclear safety, CRP was transferred from HSA to the National Environment Agency (NEA) to form a new department - Centre for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Science (CRPNS) on 1 July 2007.   

With effect from 1 August 2013, CRPNS has been renamed to Radiation Protection & Nuclear Science Department (RPNSD). This is to better reflect us as a department within NEA. 
Besides regulatory functions, the RPNSD also provides the following technical services:

  • Consultancy
  • Wipe Test for Sealed Sources
  • Calibration of Survey Meters
  • Personal Dose Monitoring
  • Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Training and Education
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