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Overview On Control Of Soil Treatment

1 Introduction

1.1 For the prevention and control of water pollution, only approved termiticide is allowed for used in soil treatment against termite.

1.2 Pest control operator is required to notify Pollution Control Department before soil treatment is carried out. Notification should be made as early as possible and not later than 3 working days from the date of the first soil treatment.

1.3 For pest control operator who is licensed/ permit holder, notification can be made on-line via NEA web site. Pest control operator who does not have licence/ permit will have to notify the Department by mail or fax.

2 Soil Treatment Notification

2.1 On-Line Notification

Notification can be made on-line via NEA website at this link. Pest control operator's Licence/ Permit No shall be the User ID to log on to the system.

2.2 Notification by Mail or Fax

Notification can also be submitted by mail to 40 Scotts Road #12-00, Environment Building, Singapore 228231 or by fax to 67319651 using the attached form with the pest control operators letterhead.

2.3 In the notification, the following information shall be provided:

    1. Address or lot number of the site with road name;
      1. Type of development i.e. HDB, JTC, Condo or Landed;
        1. Total area for treatment (in hectares or square meters);
          1. Type of termiticide to be used;
            1. Treatment schedule with date, time and area for treatment (in hectares or square meters);
              1. Pest control operator must confirm that he can comply with the requirements as stipulated in the document 'Measures To Prevent And Control Water Pollution From The Use Of Termiticide' and undertake to submit to Pollution Control Department a report, based on the format attached, upon completion of the soil treatment


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