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Deterring High Rise Littering

Deterring High Rise Littering

High rise littering is a concern for some residents living in housing estates. Although most feedback is resolved after outreach efforts by NEA, Town Councils (TCs) and members of grassroots organisations, there are cases of persistent high-rise litter-bugs and a growing demand from the public to take stern enforcement action against them.

Deterring High Rise Littering

To address these challenges and circumvent long hours of stake-outs which are labour-intensive, NEA carried out a pilot project using high definition surveillance cameras and video analytic software to apprehend high-rise littering offenders in 2011.

The project proved effective, successfully capturing 2 offenders on camera and abating high-rise littering activity at the locations where the cameras were installed.

Residents at these blocks welcomed the introduction of surveillance cameras.

NEA plans to roll out this initiative in the 2nd quarter of this year.

Deterring High Rise Littering 2

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