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About the Fund

What is the 3P Partnership Fund?

The 3P Partnership Fund is a grant administered by the National Environment Agency (NEA). It aims to encourage organisations and companies from the People, Private and Public (3P) sectors to work together to develop innovative and sustainable environmental initiatives that promote environmental ownership amongst the local community.

The 3P Partnership Fund places emphasis on 3 areas:

  • Working in partnership
  • Promoting environment ownership
  • Launching initiatives that reach out to the school population, industry or community at large

Who can apply for the fund?

Any Singapore registered organisation or company. As a pre-requisite , applicants must involve at least one other partner from the 3P sectors (excluding NEA) in the initiative.

What activities will be supported?

The 3P Partnership Fund supports projects that focus on:

  • Grooming environment advocates and champions
  • Encouraging community participation in environmental activities
  • Increasing awareness on environmental issues.

Projects should be oriented towards one or more of the NEA Strategic Outcomes.

How much funding will be granted?

The 3P Partnership Fund works on a co-payment basis. First time application would receive no more than 50% of the supportable cost items. The quantum of funding percentage would be as indicated:

  • 50% for the supportable cost items for the first year
  • 40% for the supportable cost items for the second year
  • 30% for the supportable cost items for the third year
  • 20% for the supportable cost items for the fourth year
  • 10% for the supportable cost items for the fifth year

NEA reserves the right to approve grant above the cap based on the merit of the application and track record.

What are the supportable and non-supportable cost items?

Supportable Unsupportable
Production and printing cost of educational materials (e.g brochures, training manuals, publications, books etc)

Production and printing cost of exhibition panels (Not the purchase of system structures)

Event management cost (e.g Sound and light system, stage backdrop, logistical requirement for shifting equipments, photography and videography)

Publicity (e.g Production of posters, EDMs, banners etc)

Event Collaterals (e.g T-Shirt, cap etc)

Venue Rental

Food and Beverages

Honourarium/Speaker's Fee

Media space rental (Newspaper, TV, Radio, MRT and Bus)

Prizes and tokens

Assets and equipments

What is the application flow?

How will the grant be disbursed?

Grants are disbursed on a reimbursement basis, for eligible expenditure incurred during the approved project period. Upon completion of your project, please submit:

  • Request for Reimbursement Form
  • Project Completion Report
  • Original/certified true copies of receipts and invoices for projects with approved quantum less than $3,000. For projects with approved quantum more than $3,000, applicants will work with NEA appointed auditor to generate an Audited Statement of Account
  • Direct Credit Authorisation Form

3P Partnership Fund does not fund Goods and Services Tax (GST).


How do I apply for the fund?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their project with NEA officers prior to making a formal application, so as to ascertain whether their project meets the requirements of the 3P Partnership Fund. 

Download the application form here

Please submit the completed application form to the following address:


Attn: Mr Loo Deliang
3P Strategy Section, 3P Network Division
National Environment Agency
40 Scotts Road #20-00 Environment Building
Singapore 228231

For more information on the 3P Partnership Fund, please contact the officers below:

Mr Loo Deliang
Ag Senior Assistant Director
3P Strategy Section
DID: 6731 9536

Mr Freddie Chen
Senior Executive
3P Strategy Section
DID: 6731 9537

Mr Chong Chun Siang
Senior Executive
3P Strategy Section
DID: 6731 9758

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